Frequently Asked Questions

What Information do I need to provide to the Travel Agent?

Please ensure you provide your name as per your passport. All your travel documents, including airline tickets, rail and cruise tickets must be issued in the name as specified on your passport. Otherwise, you may be denied boarding.

In addition, please provide as much information to Holiday World Travel to assist the Travel Consultant with making your bookings and arranging any additional services you may require. 

Please advise particularly if you have any mobility issues, food allergies and intolerances, and any medical conditions that need to be considered in making your travel arrangements.   The cruise ship can accommodate guests with a variety of health, mobility and medical conditions so please consult the Royal Caribbean website for specific information.

I’m travelling solo, can you find me a room mate?

If you are traveling solo and would like to share, let us know when booking and we can put you in touch with another solo traveller looking for a cabin mate.  You are under no obligation to share if you cannot find a match.  Please let us know if you have found a successful match with another solo traveller sailing with Needlework Tours.

Can groups join the cruise?

We welcome groups to join the cruise.

If you are travelling as a group then please do your best to have all members of your group book their travel at the same time.  We require the names of all members of your group at the time of booking.  This way we can best assist you to secure Staterooms close to each other.

If your group grows in size, we will do our best to accommodate your group in nearby Staterooms, but this will be subject to cabin availability at the time.

Please note, if members of your group choose different Stateroom types, it will not be possible to book the group into nearby Staterooms.  For example, if some members of your group have chosen an Internal Stateroom whilst others have chosen an Ocean View or Balcony you cannot be located nearby.  When on-board you will find this will not be a concern once you have familiarized yourself with the ship and found that communication on board is simple, with a telephone and voice mail service available in every Stateroom.

My friends don’t stitch, can they come on the cruise?

We welcome your friends to join our Needlework Cruise, even if they don’t wish to enrol in classes.  We offer an attractive rate for non-stitching guests.  Non-stitchers will be part of all our group social activities, will receive a Welcome Pack and name badge, join in shore excursions and be part of everything except the classes, at which time they can enjoy all the recreation and entertainment activities offered on-board.

What do the Class Gradings mean?

We offer classes at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels:

  • Limited experience in the craft.
  • For machine classes, students are expected to have previously used a sewing machine, although not necessarily the machine to be used in class.
  • For hand sewing classes, students are expected to have some minor stitch knowledge or be able to quickly master basic stitches such as running stitch, blanket stitch., 
  • Students are expected to have experience in the type of class being taught, but may be new to the technique. 
  • For embroidery, a good knowledge of a range of stitches is expected or the ability to learn a stitch using a stitch dictionary.
  • Students are expected to be skilled and experienced embroiderers, hand and machine sewers and proficient in some aspects of the technique.
  • For example, for counted work classes, the student must be experienced in working on the count of linen in use.
  • What do I need to bring to class?

    Each project has its own needs. See a list of 'Kit Exclusions' listed in the project details for each of the projects you have choosen.

    Do you provide sewing machines?

    We provide sewing machines for all machine classes.  At the beginning of the class, a demonstrator will assist you to familiarise yourself with the machine you will be using.  The demonstrator will be available for the full duration of the class to provide assistance.

    How many students in a class?

    All classes are limited to a maximum of 18 students to ensure each student receives personalized attention from the tutor.  Some classes have less than 18 students.

    What is included in the Kit?

    You will receive a comprehensive kit for each of your classes, three in total, from your tutors.  Other than basic sewing items, the kit will include all that is required to complete the project as described on the Needlework Tours website.